Friday, November 25, 2005

New water plant opens in al Husain

Multinational Division Central-South Soldiers and local authorities opened a new water plant for al Husain village near Afak (30 km east of Ad Diwaniyah) Nov. 23.
The new facility provides potable water to about 3,000 local citizens.

Prepared by Bulgarian soldiers from MNDCS 1 Brigade Combat Team, the project began two months ago and included the building of a new water plant with the pumps, filters, chlorinate system, generator and 3-km long pipeline system connecting the water plant with the village.

During the past two years, civil military relations’ specialists facilitated more than 2,000 projects; including water purification facilities, electrical power stations, educational infrastructure, medical facilities and administrative buildings.
(Taken from MNF-I Press Release A051125b)
AubreyJ says: Again I say you want see none of this good news coming out of Iraq from the MSM. Sad thing about the MSM is that it’s happening everyday. Not like they just over looked it by mistake!!!

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