Friday, November 25, 2005

Repost #2 - Are you and your Family ready? Is your City/Town Prepared???

Again I will ask you... Are you and your Family ready? Is your City/Town prepared???
My answer to you is this, “Most Likely Not!”

When is the last time you heard from your Mayor of any plans that would need to be put in effect if a major catastrophe came to your part of the country... Do they even have one and why have you not been informed of it in detail....

When is the last time you and your family sat down and talked about it, as a family... what you would do??? Most likely you have not... My question to all of you is why not??? We are at War and Mother Nature hasn’t been so kind to the world of late either... now has she???

My advice to all who read this is... Make preparations... Be prepared... and get on your locals butts for public answers for all of your community...

Saving your life and your family starts with you first... Then you’re Local... then State and last the Federal Government.Your call my friends.........ARE YOU GOING TO BE PREPARED???
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Read more on how to be ready at:
>> Ready.Gov ‘READY AMERICA’

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