Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This War on Terror is much bigger than Iraq

Just today in Afghanistan, a roadside bomb tore through an American armored vehicle in southern Afghanistan, killing a U.S. soldier and an Afghan interpreter.
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More news out of Afghanistan today... The body of the Indian national who was kidnapped five days ago in Afghanistan has been found in the southern Afghan province of Nimroze. Maniappan Raman Kutty, 36, was a driver with the Indian state-run Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and was working in the Nimroze province when he was kidnapped late Saturday night, along with three Afghans. On Tuesday, the Taliban said they had killed Kutty.
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Also today... Suspected Taliban militants shot to death three Afghan police, a day after a roadside bombing killed a U.S. service member in the same province.
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A lot of death is going on almost everyday in Afghanistan too... Just this year alone-- 89 American servicemen and more than 1,200 others have been killed in violence linked to militancy in Afghanistan. But that’s not a political charged topic that could take down President Bush... so none of the MSM reports this news... But it’s out there everyday.
Afghanistan... The forgotten War. Yes Sir-- It's still going on...

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