Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Tool of Choice for Bush Bashing

Most Pollsters in this new era of fast news... the Internet and Bloggers... will give you a straight up admittance that the Polls they conduct today for the MSM have a sampling error of 3% to 5%. What they will not give you is this... (That is unless you go and look into the bowels of their report findings...) That in addition to the sampling error in most Polls of 3% to5%... the question wording and the practical difficulties in conducting surveys alone can introduce more ERROR or BIAS into the findings of public poll opinion.

Before the 2000 elections we saw a major flaw in Polls... If I’m correct, many in this field of business had to go before a Committee to explain and then fix the problem.... Then we have what’s going on in the MSM today... They haven’t fixed anything... The results are off the charts WRONG by their own definition and prove NOTHING!!! Yet they get away with it...

It’s BIG NEWS!!! It fits into most of the MSM political agenda-- to BASH BUSH... to bring him down... to politically take him out and I personally feel at times that they truly wish to undermine the War on Terror. All the above has gotten way out of hand and it is an extremely dangerous game the MSM has undertaken.

So... to my fellow Bloggers out there I ask-- no I beg you to do this for me, for yourself and for this great country of ours... Research what I have brought forth above and if I am correct in your finding... please write up your findings and pass it on. Something has got to change and soon and I’m afraid it’s going to take those of us in the Blogisphere to fix it....
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