Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Camp X-Ray as it looks today. The facility has not been used since early 2002, and recent heavy rains at Guantanamo Bay have brought about heavy growth. (Courtesy of DoD)
Photo by Kathleen T. Rhem
Leaders at the U.S. detention facility for enemy combatants here wonder why media outlets continue to use outdated images of defunct facilities to accompany news reports about the base. Media stories about the detention facility or the men held here routinely are accompanied by photographs or video footage shot at Camp X-Ray, a temporary facility hastily erected to deal with enemy combatants captured in the first days of operations in Afghanistan. Images of orange-suited detainees blindfolded and handcuffed and kneeling in a line inside a chain-link enclosure have become iconic.
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‘Officials Decry Use of Outdated Images to Portray Gitmo’

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