Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One more al-Qaida leader Bites the Dust in Iraq (11/16/05)

Al Qaeda in Iraq Emir of Sadah bagged
Multi-National Forces used multiple intelligence sources and tips from concerned citizens to locate a known al Qaeda in Iraq safe house harboring terrorists and foreign fighters Nov. 7.

Upon arrival at the terrorist safe house, Multi-National Forces detained numerous terrorists and foreign fighters; among them was Sadiq Ayadah Husayn Matar (aka Abu Ahmed), the al Qaeda in Iraq Emir of Sadah.

Abu Ahmed admitted to being the al Qaeda in Iraq Emir of Sadah. He was responsible for all terrorist operations in Sadah. He also coordinated and conducted terrorist operations in the surrounding areas within the al Qaim region. He was in charge of directing, planning and executing bombing, mortar attacks, and ambushes against Iraqi security and Coalition Forces.

Abu Ahmed, as one of the five senior al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist leaders in the al Qaim region, which includes Husaybah, Karabilah, Sadah, Ubaydi, and al Qaim, was connected to numerous al Qaeda in Iraq senior terrorist leaders. He admitted associations, as well as conducting coordinated terrorist operations, with other senior terrorists and foreign fighters in the region. These senior terrorists were responsible for all terrorist and foreign fighter activities in the region to include the smuggling of foreign fighters into the al Qaim region from Syria.
(Taken from MNF-I News Release A051116a)

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