Thursday, June 29, 2006

Iraqi security forces capture terrorist facilitator

June 29, 2006, BALAD, Iraq
Iraqi security forces conducted an early morning raid south of Baghdad on June 27, capturing the key member and facilitator of an insurgent cell in the Arab Jabor area.

Abdullah Haydar Nasir Al-Juburi, a facilitator of local terrorist operations, was captured at his home by Iraqi security forces during a pre-dawn raid just west of Salmanpak. Coalition forces advisers were on hand to assist the Iraqi forces.

Al Juburi facilitates terrorist activities by using his home to harbor terrorists of a local cell who train, live and operate in this area. This cell is responsible for mortar and improvised explosive device attacks against Coalition forces, including two IED attacks on convoys that killed three Coalition Soldiers.

No Iraqi or Coalition forces were injured during this operation.
(Above courtesy of MNF-I - Combined Press Information Center, Baghdad, Iraq and taken from press release A060629a)

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