Friday, June 30, 2006

“Operation Summer Rains” - Friday, June 30, 2006

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“Operation Summer Rains”

UPDATED- Friday, June 30, 2006

>>> 12:25pm CDT Let’s get today started with a read at Israel Defense Forces are pounding Gaza with artillery and air strikes in order to pressure the population to force Hamas terrorists to give up their hostage, 19-year-old IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit. Read this story in full HERE

>>> 1:50pm CDT Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has denounced Israel's offensive in Gaza as an attempt to bring down the Hamas-led government. In his first public address since Israel's campaign began, Mr. Haniya said Hamas would not change its policies... Read this story at

>>> 7:10pm CDT Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Angela Kane called on the Palestinian Authority to stop holding hostages and end indiscriminate rocket attacks, saying “nothing justifies” such actions. She also called on Israel to stop destroying civilian infrastructure, ensure civilians are protected, and allow for humanitarian assistance to get through. In addition, she expressed concern at the arrest of large numbers of the elected Palestinian Government.

“This is a grave crisis. The slightest turn of events could easily set off another full-scale conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, bringing greater dangers to civilians, and with serious regional repercussions. All parties must recognize this, and act with wisdom and care, and in full conformity with international humanitarian law,” she said. Read this story in full at the UN News CENTRE

>>> 9:55pm CDT A second Israeli soldier has been kidnapped and will be killed unless Israel ends its military offensive in the Palestinian territories, the radical Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades declared overnight. There has been no immediate Israeli response to this kidnapping claim. Read this story in full at

>>> 11:55pm CDT The Herald Sun is reporting that the crisis surrounding the kidnapping of an Israeli army corporal by Palestinian militants has deepened with fresh demands by the hostage-takers and a claim that a second soldier had been seized. The three Palestinian militant groups that captured Corporal Gilad Shalit six days ago in the Gaza Strip demanded that Israel free 1000 prisoners. Read this story in full HERE

Let’s pray diplomacy and politics can work here and now... and also pray no harm has come to this Israeli soldier. History is on hold-- we shall know its direction soon enough.
God speed Israel...
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