Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Israel Air Strikes and Troop Movement into Gaza has started!!!

As of 4:00pm CDT, Fox News is reporting that Israel Air Strikes and Troop movement have started. Lots of Jets in the Air and Tank movement...
More to come as news comes in...

Update: 5:00pm CDT
Israel Aircraft blew up a key strategic bridge in the northern Gaza Strip shortly before midnight on Tuesday. However-- Israeli Army denies an Israel Radio report that the armored forces had actually begun a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Note: Almost all the News Media out there has gone silent over this after the first news came out on troop movement. We’ll see soon enough what’s going on over there as the evening drags on...

More Updates:
>>> 5:30pm CDT- Fox News
Gaza Strip— Israeli planes attacked three bridges in central Gaza late Tuesday and early Wednesday, the military said, and Israeli tanks were on the move after a limited operation was approved, a response to a weekend Palestinian attack in which two soldiers were killed and a third captured.
Israeli Military on Move After 'Limited Operation' in Gaza Approved

>>> 6:00pm CDT
Fox News is reporting that Israel Aircraft have taken out all electricity in Gaza and lights are now out. Tanks are on the move... Fox just showed some video feed on the tanks and such. All I can say is... this is going to be a long night for the bad guys in Gaza...

>>> 6:30pm CDT
Fox News is reporting that Israel Ground Forces are NOW entering southern Gaza. This is a force of over 3000 strong...

>>> 6:45pm CDT
CNN is showing large fires inside of Gaza City now. Possibly caused by Air strikes.

>>> 8:40pm CDT
Ynet News
reports a spokesman for the al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, said his organization, as well as other Palestinian groups, are preparing “surprises for the Zionist enemy in Gaza.”
(AubreyJ says: Better not have anything to do with WMD... The world is not ready for what would come afterwards.)

God speed Israel
NOTE: More ongoing updates can be found at YnetNews.com

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