Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fox News Channel Host Bill O'Reilly Visits Troops In Afghanistan

The difference between Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly coming to a war zone and all other media is the focus. Normally, media arrive to do stories about the situation on the ground, but when a bona fide celebrity like O'Reilly comes, he is the story... As soon as I flew into Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan I saw a flyer on a window announcing O'Reilly was coming the following day. The base was abuzz. I checked into the Public Affairs Office, where all media are accredited, and found a very busy, small detachment of soldiers preparing for the DV – distinguished visitor – arrival...
Read this story in full at WorldNetDaily.com

* FOXNEWS.com has this...
Monday, November 26:'The Factor' travels to Afghanistan and Bill meets with and interviews the troops at Bagram Air Base. Don't miss... [their] special report.

The No Spin Zone Goes to Afghanistan

You go, Bill!!!

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