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Sis and I one Christmas Eve Night

About Photo: Grandparents House - Now owned by Aunt Martha Ree
Taken January 1, 2001 by Aunt Louise
Sis and I one Christmas Eve Night
by AubreyJ.........

December, 2002

(A True Story - From A Child’s Point Of View)

There was a cold wintery breeze blowing that Christmas Eve Night
Outside it was snowing but coming down light
My sis and I were excited as our bedtime grew near
Because it wouldn't be to long till Santa got here

Now big brother and sister rushed us to our beds
With good night kisses on each of our foreheads
To our separate rooms our parents came to say
Go to sleep tonight fast… Santa is surely on the way

Now sis and I had this night all planned out
For Santa we would see and that there was no doubt
We had just come from Mamaw's earlier in the night
With two Walkie-Talkies and a plan that was just right

Our plan went like this and awake we must stay
If Santa was to be seen and all those toys in his sleigh
Now if I should hear something outside in the night
Or if sis should hear something in the living room to her right
On our Walkie-Talkie we would let the other know
That Santa had come… Slip out of your room slow

Was Santa that Jolly
Was Rudolf's nose red and bright
Well one thing was certain
We should know it this night

As the night passed on by and everyone was in bed
Sis and I waited for that little man in red
Sis talked to me quietly and I did the same
What was Santa Claus bringing us... A doll, a train

Then all of a sudden a noise we could hear
Could it be Santa and all his reindeer
On our Walkie-Talkies the warning went out
I heard it on the roof, in the living room, no doubt

That's when my dog Happy jumped up in my bed
It hadn't been Santa but mom and dad instead
They came in our rooms and asleep we did play
But that didn't work and the Walkie-Talkies went away

Well that was it… Our plan hadn't worked
So we cried ourselves to sleep and after all of that work
We just knew that our plan would have surely been right
That we would have finally got to see Santa in the middle of the night

Early that Christmas morning Happy's barking and growling we could hear
Big brother and dad were hollering… No Happy, that's Santa in here
Little bells were ringing as Santa dragged Happy through the house
Happy had Santa by the pants leg and was thrashing and growling about

Into the living room sis and I ran so fast
Could it be we would finally see Santa Claus at last?
As we entered the room our eyes got big and wide
There was candy from the Christmas tree to the door going outside
And in the front doorway a red pants leg did lay
Big brother had caught Happy and said Santa got out of here OK

Poor dad just stood there looking so sad
Said boy I can tell you Santa sure did get mad
But don’t you kids worry Santa must love you a lot
For look at what he brought you and that dumb dog he did not

With all of this said, from outside we could hear
Bells just a ringing with holiday cheer
Big sister said she heard Santa… It was all so clear
He shouted, "Jay… Lock that dog up before I get back here next year!"

"Thanks for the cookies and milk…

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