Saturday, February 16, 2008

Leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Killed

Leader of the
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement
Killed in Blast
. brings us this report and it starts off like this... Eight people were killed, including a commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, and some 40 were wounded when an explosion destroyed a house in the Gaza Strip late on Friday, a group spokesman and local medics said... The Israeli army denied any involvement. Islamic Jihad said an air strike caused the blast, which also killed three other militants as well as the wife and two young children of the commander, Ayman Fayed, better known as Abu Abdallah... "We will respond to this Zionist massacre painfully," Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad's armed wing said... "We will strike the enemy everywhere."...
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>>> has this report...
Hamas and Islamic Jihad yesterday [Saturday, February 16, 2008] vowed revenge on Israel after eight Palestinians, including a senior military commander and family members, were killed in an explosion in the Gaza Strip...
Hamas vows revenge for Gaza attack
>>> eFluxMedia reports...
On Saturday Israel was attacked by rockets fired by the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, after the death of a senior commander of Islamic Jihad which occurred Friday... The rockets fired by the Palestinians caused little damage...
Israel Rocketed By Palestinians After Jihad Commander's Death
Is this Israeli Assignation #2 in less than a week!!!?

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