Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vote - The Republican Ticket This Year


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Sadly to some, Mike Huckabee can not win the Presidential run this year... (The math is simply not there -- 99.5% against him I’d say.)

What bothers me is there are so many Republicans today that are now saying they would never vote for John McCain, period! That’s their right... but I remind those with this view of 2 major facts... We are at war and that is not going to go away. And... NEW Supreme Court Judges will most likely be voted on over the next few years. (Remember, that’s a lifetime job.)

By not standing up and voting the Republican Ticket this year... those who sit it out will have become part of the left who will throw the war efforts, over the last 7 years, out the window... They will be letting a Democrat President put forward new Supreme Court Judges who will vote against everything we believe in.

Look at it this way... It will turn the Supreme Court back into the hands of the far left. That’s not acceptable. It’s just not! What about abortions... the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision? How many millions of unborn children will die, over the next many years, simply by the results of those sitting it out this year?

The way I see it... Senator John McCain is VERY strong on our National Defense... the strongest of ALL the candidates in fact. He has always been tough fiscally... a pro-business conservative you might say. He says and strongly supports the fact that the tax cuts ought to be permanent. And believe it or not... Senator John McCain has a fairly solid conservative voting record, which includes him being a long-time opponent of abortion...

Senator John McCain has flaws... there is no doubt about that... but the good in him out ways the bad...

Don’t sit the Elections out my friends... VOTE the Republican Ticket this year...


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