Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potomac Primary 2008

Potomac Primary 2008
Republicans/Democrats Both Vote

(Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia)
, February 12, 2008

* REUTERS.com has this early reporting...
Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, home to the city of Washington, hold nominating contests on Tuesday to choose the Republican and Democratic candidates for the November presidential election... Following are a few facts about the "Potomac Primary," nicknamed after the river that splits the region:
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FACTBOX: The February 12 "Potomac Primary" presidential contest
* FOXnews.com has this update for us at 7:45pm CST...
John McCain beats Mike Huckabee in a surprisingly close Virginia primary Tuesday, FOX News projects, after Barack Obama routed Hillary Clinton to take his sixth consecutive victory since Saturday... The Virginia contest gives both candidates a vital injection of delegates in the race to become the nominee of their respective parties... Early returns showed the Republicans only points apart, with McCain at 47 percent and Huckabee at 44 percent. The returns showed Obama with 62 percent and Clinton with 37 percent, with 61 percent of precincts reporting...
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McCain, Obama Win Virginia Primary

* CNN.com has some good reporting... 9:55pm CST
Senators John McCain and Barack Obama will claim victory in all three contests in the Potomac primaries, CNN projects...
McCain, Obama ride momentum of Virginia, Maryland, D.C. wins
Has lots of video links
Note: I was going to post some of the stories on tonight’s elections from ABC... CBS... and NBC websites... but when I did a search... all they were reporting... mostly... was just on Obama. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT OBAMA you left leaning News Outlets!!!
My congratulations go out to the 2008 Potomac Primary Winners
Senators John McCain and Barack Obama
It’s NOT over yet!!!

Photo credits: JohnMcCain.com - Barack Obama

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