Saturday, February 09, 2008

AubreyJ’s John McCain Support Invite Letter

John McCain Support Invite Letter

I welcome you to come by and visit my new McCain Support Website,
( and hopefully while you’re there... join me in the building of a strong support team for Senator John McCain.

Here’s how I got to this point... Now that Rudy has dropped out of the race and has thrown his chips in behind Senator John McCain... I too have followed Rudy's lead and will now support the McCain ticket.

I believe that Senator McCain has shown in the past, as he has shown us of late, that he has very strong convictions and that he will stand firm on his beliefs. I for one like that in a President... and that's why he has my vote and full support.

Now that Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has abandoned his White House bid,
read more HERE,) I hope you too will now join me and give your support to John McCain and the Republican Party.

Here’s to the next President of the United States... Senator John McCain.

God bless...

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