Monday, February 04, 2008

Israel: One Dead in Dimona Terror Attack brings us this news this morning and it starts off like this... Arab terrorists carried out a suicide bombing in the commercial center of the southern Negev town of Dimona Monday morning, killing one female Dimona resident and wounding ten others... A second suicide terrorist at the scene was already wearing his bomb-vest and waited for crowds of medics and spectators to arrive. Not knowing who he was, a doctor began to treat the second terrorist. Upon spotting the explosives belt under his clothes, the doctor warned Police Chief Inspector Kobi Mor, who shot the terrorist dead with a bullet to the head. The explosive vest was detonated in a controlled explosion by police sappers...
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One Dead in Dimona Terror Attack, Two Terrorists Dead

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Police Officer Prevents Second Dimona Bomber From Blowing Up

The Moment Israeli Paramedics
They Were Treating The Second Bomber
This News Video shows the moment Israeli paramedics realized it was the second bomber they were treating...
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