Friday, April 25, 2008

Navy-Contracted Vessel Fires Warning Shots on Iranian Boats in Persian Gulf brings us this troubling news this morning and it starts off like this... A vessel contracted by the Navy in the Persian Gulf fired warning shots Thursday on two Iranian fast boats... Navy-Contracted Vessel Fires Warning Shots on Iranian Boats
(FOX should update their link as info comes in)
... has this report... Oil zoomed past $119 per barrel Friday at mid-day after a cargo ship hired by U.S. military fired warning shots at boats suspected to be Iranian...
Oil jumps past $119 after ship fires warning shots at Iranian boats
website reports today incident this way... Iran on Friday denied any military confrontation between its boats and U.S. ships in the Gulf, the state media reported... A senior official of the elite Revolutionary Guards rejected the Western reports that an American ship had opened fire on Iranian patrol boats in the Gulf, said the English Channel Press TV... "If UK or U.S. vessels had fired at Iranian boats, based on previous experiences, they would have faced the harshest reaction by Iranian forces," the official was quoted as saying...
State media: Iran denies confrontation with U.S. ship in Gulf
US Navy File Photo

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