Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New DNC Hard Left Attack Ad against McCain

New DNC Hard Left Attack Ad Out...
against Senator John McCain

The Democratic Party has the following ad out using images of US troops being attacked by terrorists to make their HARD LEFT political points against John McCain. Even more unbelievable is some of the raw video in this political ad comes from Michael Moore’s so-called Documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11!

Video posted on YouTube by BigMouthFrog1
(Thanks go out to our friend Opinionnation for the heads-up on this ad)
* View Opinionnation’s take and post HERE *


* RNC Chairman Robert M. “Mike” Duncan
released the following statement Sunday...
Click it out at link below...
RNC Chairman: Howard Dean Must Cease & Desist From Airing Illegal & Inaccurate Advertisements

>>> Here's The Official RNC Letter Calling For A Cease And Desist

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