Sunday, August 17, 2008

Israel: On Ground Updates - August 17, 2008

Israel: On Ground Updates
New U.S. “X-band FBX-T” Early-Warning Missile Radar System In Place Against Iranian Missiles Threat
, August 17, 2008 brings us the following report and it starts off like this... American GI’s are coming to Israel's Negev desert... and this time they’re staying... According to a report published in Defense News this weekend, the United States and Israel have signed an agreement to deploy the “X-band FBX-T” early-warning missile radar system, which is linked to a U.S. satellite-based alert network... Deployment of the X-band comes as part of America's agreement to help defend the Jewish State against any future strike by the Islamic Republic... For the first time ever, military personnel from the U.S. European Command are to be permanently based in Israel, in order to staff the high-powered radar system, built by the Raytheon Company...
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