Thursday, August 14, 2008

U.S. and Poland Sign Preliminary Missile Shield Deal

U.S. and Poland Sign Preliminary Missile Shield Deal
August 14, 2008

* website brings us this bit of news today and it starts off like this... Under the agreement, the US will install 10 interceptor missiles at a base on the Baltic coast in return for help strengthening Polish air defenses... The US says the system will protect itself and Europe against long range missile attacks by "rogue states"... Correspondents say the deal is expected to heighten tension between the US and Russia, already strained over Georgia... Moscow has said the project will upset the military balance in Europe and has warned it will be forced to redirect its missiles at Poland...
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US and Poland sign defence deal
had this take on the story... U.S. and Poland signed a preliminary accord today that will allow for 10 U.S. interceptor missiles to be based in the eastern European country, completing a defense system that Russia opposes... The U.S. has agreed to Polish requests including modernization of its armed forces in exchange for the location of the missiles...
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U.S., Poland Reach Agreement on Missile Defense

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