Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barack Obama’s Biggest Rally Yet - Portland, Oregon

About Political Video: 75,000 people joined Barack Obama and his family for a May 18th rally in Portland, Oregon.

Political Video posted on YouTube by BarackObamadotcom


My take:
Besides for preaching on a platform of a new moment, a new time, on new hopes and on your dreams... what did he say to inform a single ONE of these 75,000 people as to how he would achieve all of this...? I would bet if you asked 1000 of these people just how Obama plans to CHANGE America... only a handful could give you an informative answer.

With that said... Damn -- the man can sure draw them in... Making believers with nothing more than his Great Speaking Skills and a handful of false hopes!!!

Yep... He’s going to be a handful this year for my man, Senator John McCain...

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