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Lebanon Updates: The May 2008 Conflict - Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lebanon Updates:
The May, 2008 Conflict
, May 08, 2008

-Map courtesy of UN-
. brings us this early Thursday morning report...
Unrest spread across Lebanon as supporters of Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim party and militia, skirmished with armed Sunni Muslim rivals who support the pro-U.S. government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora... Flights in and out of Beirut were canceled for a second day because Hezbollah blocked the main highway from the international airport to downtown with burning tires and rubble. Roads into the city from Damascus and southern Lebanon were similarly obstructed, according to video reports and witnesses... Naharnet, a news Web site, reported clashes in the Bekaa Valley west of Beirut and near Tripoli in the far north. The outbreak of violence has taken a long political standoff in Lebanon to a new, dangerous level, said Oussama Safa, director of Beirut's Lebanese Center for Policy Studies... “Both sides have decided that the stalemate was unacceptable,” he said in a telephone interview. “It will be hard to pull back from this.”...
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Lebanon Unrest Spreads as Hezbollah, Sunnis Clash
* has this report...
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused Lebanon's Western-backed government on Thursday of trying to disarm his Shiite militant movement and said it will use weapons to defend itself...
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Hezbollah will use weapons to defend itself: Nasrallah
* has the transcript, with photos...
Rather than calling for calm, Nasrallah accused the government of seeking to change Beirut airport into a base for the CIA, FBI and Israeli Mossad... “The dark decisions by the black government give us the right to chop off the hand that stretches a hand towards the communications network,” Nasrallah vowed...
Transcript of Nasrallah's Speech can be found at link below...

Nasrallah justifies Lebanon riots [full transcript]
The website also has these informative reports/photos...
-Lots of photos in the following links-
Hezbollah continues to hold Lebanon under siege
* Is this how the next civil war starts in Lebanon?
* Lebanon's dark day in photos
* Hezbollah Block Airport Access *
News Video posted on Live Leak by barnesy
* Hezbollah Accused Of Lebanese Takeover *
News Video posted on Live Leak by barnesy

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