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Iraq: On Ground Updates - May 13, 2008

Iraq: On Ground Updates
Operation Charge of Knights...
Enters New Phase in al Qurnah
, May 13, 2008

Operation Sawlat al-Fursan, or Charge of the Knights, entered a new phase of operations in al Qurnah, May 13.

The operation, which began March 24 in Basra, continues the process of targeting criminal elements by the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces as strongholds previously dominated by criminal militias fall.

The complex combined operation has integrated elements of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Force with air and ground support of Coalition forces.

Taking the lead in this combined planning effort, the IA has demonstrated operational as well as logistical planning expertise. The 70-kilometer move north to al Qurnah validates the Iraqi Army’s ability not only to maneuver tactically over long distances, but to sustain their operations over distances.

United Kingdom and U.S. Military Transition Teams remain embedded with their ISF counterparts to enable the application of Coalition assets.

One hundred thousand leaflets were dropped in the area encouraging the populace of al Qurnah to work together to ensure a successful future.

As operations continue, ISF and IA elements are providing humanitarian aid, medical service clinics and school supply distribution throughout Basra. In a recent medical clinic visit, more than 120 Iraqis received treatment and care.

From press release #20080513-03 - Multi-National Corps-Iraq - Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
Map courtesy of DoD

* Reuters.com has this report out this morning and it starts off like this... An agreement aimed at ending fighting in the Baghdad bastion of Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr was on the verge of collapse on Tuesday after gunmen launched a spate of attacks on U.S. troops... The deal between the ruling Shi'ite alliance and Sadr's opposition movement in parliament to end fighting in the Sadr City slum district was formally signed on Monday... But with the ink barely dry on the 16-point pact, clashes flared overnight, raising questions over how much control the anti-American cleric has over some of the Mehdi Army militiamen who profess allegiance to him...
Read the full report at link below...

Shi'ite gunmen in Baghdad ignore truce

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