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Playing the Haynesville Shale - Large Natural Gas Deposit in Northwest Louisiana

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Playing the Haynesville Shale -
Large Natural Gas Deposit in Northwest Louisiana
NW La. natural gas speculation padding pocketbooks, hopes

Hello everyone...
Hope all are well these days.

This was in The Shreveport’s Times, Sunday Newspaper today and for all of you out-of-towners... I thought you just might want to read it. It starts off like this...

The recent announcement of a large natural gas deposit in northwest Louisiana, called the Haynesville Shale, could be this century's gold rush - or a fool's gold of hype.

The only certainty at this point is that some fortunate landowners already are grinning all the way to the bank, patting their pocketbooks that are thick with lease bonus payments and anticipation of royalty riches if a producing well follows.

The Haynesville Shale is being described as one of the richest fields of natural gas ever discovered in this region. But most experts and those connected to the industry agree it's too early to say for sure if the discovery will transform the landscape and economy of parishes that sit atop it.

If the shale holds the amount of natural gas that is being predicted, it could mean millions for some landowners, a boom in the natural gas production business in this region, and a trickle-down bounty for communities, schools and others that would receive payments.
Read the full news article at link below...
NW La. natural gas speculation padding pocketbooks, hopes

* Coming Monday... The Times will be running this follow-up Article:
> Lease agreements prompt many questions for landowners
I’ll post it up HERE as soon as it comes out.

* UPDATE: Monday, May 05, 2008 *
Above Monday Article is now up!


My cousin, Roy sent me these Links to some news articles he has run across and they are listed below:

They're making offers you can refuse

Natural gas is northwest Louisiana could be sonic boon

Again I’d like to say many thanks, Roy for your footwork on this story.


Here are some more News Articles I found about the Haynesville Shale news story at the following links:

(This site has LOTS of News Links about the Haynesville Shale story)
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Cubic Energy, Inc. Announces Positive Initial Analysis of Bossier/Haynesville Shale Formations Located in Johnson Branch Field, Caddo Parish, Louisiana

What is the Haynesville Shale?

Haynesville Shale could play a big role in industry


My Take:

What I can not understand is how in the HECK we can drill for oil and gas all over this country... even in our cities in some places... yet the billions of barrels of oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico are just waiting for us to tap... if only we were allowed to go and get it.

The way I see it is all Congress is doing is letting other countries come in near us and side drill and siphon away our reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and then turn around and charge us for our own oil and gas. Now WHO VOTED these brilliant people into office!!!?

What about the ANWAR Oil Fields?

Our very own ANWAR Oil Fields, (read more at this link- ‘
How much Oil & Gas Is In ANWR’S Coastal Plan’,) are just awaiting for us to tap into its billions of barrels of oil reserves too... as soon as Congress gets serious and realistic about fixing our Energy needs and lets us go and get.

How about New Oil Refineries?

One can only note that we have not built a single new Oil Refinery in the past 30 years... yet we pay outrages prices everyday for all the oil those Oil Tankers from the Middle East ship us.
And how about Nuclear Energy?

Although the United States has the most nuclear capacity of any nation in the world today, not one new commercial reactor has come on line since May 1996 when the Watt’s Bar Reactor in Tennessee, owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, came on line.

Yes sir... a few more Commercial Reactors would be mighty helpful to us today... if only Congress and a few of the locals would let us build them.

So again I find myself typing these following words...

* Vote DBD for a Better Tomorrow *

DRILL Wells... BUILD new Refineries/Plants... and DEVELOP New Technologies for a better, Energy Independent, Tomorrow.

Demand It!!!
Your Wallet/Purse/Safety depends on it.


Come ON America!!!
We GOT to stop all this in-house fighting on who has the best ideas on Energy Policy and start spreading out an umbrella of all workable ideas that will fix our energy problems TODAY and in the near/long-term future.

Everytime you drive by a gas station and see those out of sight gas prices, I want you to remember this... Talk-- talk-- talk... and NO ACTION... is NOT CHEAP! We got to start Drilling, Building and Developing new... clean technologies!!!

Like me... I know you have noticed that we are now starting to pay dearly for everything from gas at the pumps down to the food on our tables... And many ask why!!!?

Well... It’s all because of talk, but never any action out of Congress to pass a SOUND Energy Policy over these last few decades...Both Parties can find fault within for this... so stop pointing fingers at each other and start working together.

Sadly... I know there are many in my Party that would love to chastise me for saying the following... but what the heck. The following is TRUE.

The only way -- the ONLY way... we are ever going to get anything done on this energy mess we’re in today is for ALL Political Parties... ALL Sides of the Issue to start WORKING TOGETHER.

When this day comes to be... only then will we finally be able to get some really good laws passed out of Congress. Good laws that will begin the process of spreading out an umbrella of All Workable Ideas that will permanently fix our energy needs.

I don’t know about you... but I’m ready to see all those crazy prices out there today start going back down to something we can all live with.



UPDATE: Monday, May 05, 2008
* And it KEEPS GOING UP!!! *

Oil Rises Above $120 a Barrel - A new Record High!
10:34am CDT:
Oil surged to another record high on Monday in U.S. trading and moved above $120 a barrel for the first time. Light sweet crude moved to $119.76, up $3.44 on the session. Oil touched as high as $120.21 in the mid-morning, breaking the old record high from last week.
Read the full report at

* has this report...
Oil Rises Above $120 to Record on Concern Over Nigeria Attacks

About above photo: I took this photo back in 1967. It's one of several oil wells that were drilled over the years on my Grandfathers Farm – The Red Shute Plantation, Bossier Parish Louisiana
Photo Credit: AubreyJ.........

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