Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Floods in Shreveport, LA and at My House

Posted Wednesday Evening, May 14, 2008

Needless to say that it flooded Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in my hometown of Shreveport, LA... And of course it just HAD to flood at my house too!

* Click some FLOOD Pictures out
HERE at the website
> Note:
Photo #14 is of my friend FrankK wading around in his Restaurant just a few blocks from my house

* Click this News Video out
HERE at the KTAL website
> Note: At the very beginning of Joe Arena’s report... you will see him standing at a flooded street corner sometime early Wednesday morning. That’s one block from my house and two blocks from Frank’s Restaurant.
(If Joe had been doing that report in the same spot Tuesday night... he would have had water up to his waist.)

* Click this News Video out HERE at the website
> Note: This video is part of a live broadcast by KSLA NEWS TV from Tuesday night. At the very beginning of this news cast they talk a few then it gets into some good video footage of the flood. Again... I live in the Youree area.

With that said... Can you guess what I’ve been doing most of the day...? You’ve got it. Cleaning up my downstairs garage after taking in over 4.5 inches of -- FLOOD!!!

One of our vehicles was outside, by the street, last night and the floors in it got flooded out too. Had to take the back seat out of it and do some major interior cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance to keep it from smelling and to prevent it from rusting.

The Pain... Ohhh the pain.........


NOTE: I took some video of the flood but it is to dark for good viewing.

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