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Iraq: On Ground Updates - May 05, 2008

Iraq: On Ground Updates
Monday, May 05, 2008... brings us this early Monday morning report and it goes in part like this... Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh called reporters late Sunday night to clarify remarks he made at a news conference earlier in the day, when he appeared to say that there was no hard evidence that Iran was allowing weapons to come into Iraq. Dabbagh said his comments had been misinterpreted... "There is an interference and evidence that they have interfered in Iraqi affairs," Dabbagh said in an interview arranged by a U.S. official. When asked how he would characterize the proof that Iranian weapons are flowing into Iraq, he said: "It is a concrete evidence."...
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Iraq Says It Has Proof Of Iranian Meddling

* Reuters India website had this report out Sunday... Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's wife narrowly escaped death on Sunday when a roadside bomb exploded near her convoy in central Baghdad, the president's office said... She was not hurt but four bodyguards were wounded, the president's office said in a statement...
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Iraqi president's wife survives bomb attack

* New York Times website reports... Iran said that it would not hold talks with the United States on Iraq while American forces were fighting Shiite militias in Sadr City, the Iranian Foreign Ministry reported on its Web site on Monday...
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Iran Rejects More Iraq Talks With U.S.

Coalition Forces Capture Two Suspected...
Iranian-Trained Special Groups Criminals
From Sunday, May 04, 2008

Coalition forces captured two suspected Iranian-trained Special Groups criminals early this [Sunday] morning in the Rashid district in Baghdad.

Intelligence information led Coalition forces to the location of a suspected Special Groups leader wanted for facilitating the import of Iranian-made munitions into Iraq. He is also suspected of providing information to Special Groups leadership, which led to rocket attacks against Coalition and Iraqi forces. In addition, he is suspected of providing safe-haven to criminals wanted by Coalition and Iraqi forces.

Coalition forces entered the targeted individual’s location where he surrendered without incident.

Afterward, Coalition forces conducted a follow-on mission to a separate location, also in the Rashid district, to capture another suspected criminal. There, they detained a second individual who was identified as a Special Groups criminal.

“Coalition forces are working with the Iraqi Security Forces to remove the Special Groups thugs who foment violence and instability on the streets of Baghdad,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.

From press release #A080504a by MNF-I, Press Desk - Baghdad, Iraq

Blowing Up Land Mines

About Video: U.S. Soldiers in Iraq destroy a large pile of land mines discovered near Baghdad April 13, 2008.
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