Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Round three of USELESS TALKS in Russia in a few weeks - Everyone, (but mainly Israel,) all hush-hush

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Next round, (round three,) of USELESS TALKS is due to continue in the Russian Capital of Moscow, on June 18th/19th.  And with everyone, (but mainly Israel,) all hush-hush on everything… well………
I had these comments, in part, in my last 2 post on topic:
Post One (After 1st meeting I wrote) - There better be some serious results come out of the next meeting in Baghdad this coming May 23rd… For if it is all the same as has happened in past meetings, all talk and achieving no hard results at all, well… Times Up!!! And all hell’s going to surely break loose…

Post Two (After the 2nd meeting I wrote) -  These gullible IDIOTS for Diplomats we have… who have gone through two highly unproductive meetings in the past month… and the best they can come out of them with is that they see HOPE in the promise of another meeting... NEXT MONTH!
I’ll say it one more time…
Times UP… End Game’s UP!
Iran is SOOO fixing to get the crap bombed out of them.
Any day now too…

I’ll also note that I have said in past post that I thought many at the top in Israel would have surely come out and trashed the Obama Administration as they have done many times before… but I was wrong.  After the last meeting in Iraq… NOTHING!

So… the way I see it… If history holds true… whenever Israel gets into that lockdown of the mouth/info mode… you can usually bet that someone is fixing to get their BUTTS KICKED! Any day now too…

Aubrey J. Fawcett

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