Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - Texas Primary

Today we have the
Texas Primary
Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
Romney Campaign file photo
While waiting on the election results to come in tonight… check out these reports I ran across earlier today
- FoxNews.com brings us the following report and it starts off like this… Mitt Romney, after weathering an onslaught of rotating primary challengers over the course of the last year, is poised to clinch the Republican presidential nomination as early as Tuesday… In doing so, his campaign will complete its shift, from knocking off Republican rivals one by one to challenging a single Democratic opponent, President Obama…
Read this report in full HERE
- The Washington Post has this report and it starts off like this… This day is mostly about math for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney… Not fuzzy math or new math but the simple one-plus-one addition kind of math. By day’s end, if all goes as expected, the former Massachusetts governor will finally have a mathematical lock on the Republican presidential nomination… Never mind that he’s been the frontrunner since the Iowa and New Hampshire contests in January and the presumptive nominee since his last major opponent — former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum — suspended campaigning on April 10… Even so, “I need to get 50.1 percent or more” Romney said ahead of the Tuesday GOP primary in Texas expected to push him above the required 1,144 delegate threshold…
Read this report in full HERE
States left to vote - (Pledged/Unpledged) Delegates up for Grabs:
Today, Tuesday, May 29th we have Texas voting (152/3). On June 5th we have 5 primaries and they are California (169/3), New Jersey (50/0), Montana (0/26), New Mexico (20/3) and South Dakota (25/3). Utah (40/0) will be the last state to vote and that will be on June 26th.
Keep up with the latest at…
-- Delegate Count Totals --
    As of Wednesday morning
            May 30th, 2012
       Info tallies from Fox News/AP
1)  Mitt Romney
1191 - WINNER!
2)  Rick Santorum
3)  Newt Gingrich
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
9:00pm CDT
You FINALLY did it!!!
Now that this part of the election cycle is finally over, (our OFFICIAL Candidate to run against President Obama is Mitt Romney,) let’s move on now with making Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!

NOTE: I will not be posting on the elections coming up in June simply because Mitt has already won the nomination. But… you can still keep up to date with the latest election news and results at links above…

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