Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - Nebraska, Oregon Primaries

Today we have the
Nebraska, Oregon Primaries
Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Romney Campaign file photo
While waiting on the election results to come in tonight…
Ron Paul told supporters vie email on Monday, May 14th, that he would no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. But not to worry… he would continue to accumulate delegates all the way to the Republican National Convention that will be held in Tampa, Florida this coming August. Sooo… I guess in a roundabout way… Mr. Paul has pretty much SUSPENDED his Campaign! Even though they say he has not...    lol
As far as Mitt goes… he should win enough delegates by month’s end to formally take the Republican 2012 Presidential Nomination. According to the last AP tally that I’ve seen, Mitt has a total of 966 delegates in the pocket with only 178 delegates left to go. He needs a grand total of 1144 delegates to put him over the top. Sooo… as said above, Mitt should have this thing all wrapped up by month’s end.
States left to vote - (Pledged/Unpledged) Delegates up for Grabs:
Today, May 15th we have Nebraska (32/3) and Oregon (25/3) voting. One week later on May 22nd, we have Arkansas (33/3) and Kentucky (42/3). We end the month on May 29th in Texas (152/3). On June 5th we have 5 primaries and they are California (169/3), New Jersey (50/0), Montana (0/26), New Mexico (20/3) and South Dakota (25/3). Utah (40/0) will be the last state to vote this year and that will be on June 26th.
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These things are just no fun anymore with the end results known beforehand! But… we watch them to the end any-old-way.    Lol
Anyway… Congrats MITT on another good night!
Almost THERE!!!

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