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10- Israel’s Battle for Peace - Prewar Updates 2008

Israel’s Battle for Peace
Prewar Updates: Israel/Gaza Conflict
, March 11, 2008
* The Star Online website had this report out Monday and it starts off like this... A lull in fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip could turn into a ceasefire, an Israeli government official said on Monday...
Israeli Army, Gaza Militants In Uneasy Lull

* YNETNews.com has this report out early this morning... The Hizbullah organization has completed its military and logistic preparations for a confrontation with Israel, a senior defense official told Ynet on Monday evening, based on recent intelligence assessments... Hizbullah's preparations reinforce the intelligence estimate that a conflict in northern Israel is closer than a wide-scale conflict in the Gaza Strip. This may be one of the reasons why the IDF is not rushing into a comprehensive operation in Gaza...
Defense official: Hizbullah ready to fight Israel
IDF Spokesperson file photo

* IsraelNationalNews.com has this report...
Al-Qaeda Kidnaps Western Tourists as 'Retribution' Over Israel
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb logo

* DEBKAfile website has this report and it starts off like this... Creating some confusion, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas insisted in Amman that a Gaza truce had been finalized. “Hamas wanted its leaders protected,” he remarked... The first denial came from Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak Monday, March 10, when he sharply rebuffed reports of a truce deal with Hamas and the scaling back of military operations in the Gaza Strip... “There is no accord, nor is one close,” he stressed. “We will continue to fight until missile fire and terrorist attacks end and arms smuggling into Gaza is cut down. We are committed to these three goals.”...
Olmert and Barak deny ceasefire accord with Hamas - as does Hamas

* IHT.com put this report out early Tuesday afternoon... Palestinian militants in Gaza launched a rocket Tuesday that fell near the Israeli city of Ashkelon, Israeli police said, causing no injuries but threatening to upset a recent period of calm... The rocket attack came as the lead Palestinian negotiator accused Israel of sabotaging the fragile peace process with new plans to build hundreds of homes in the West Bank...
Palestinian rocket attack threatens to upset recent calm

* AfricaAsia.com reports it this way... Israel on Tuesday warned Hamas after militants in the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip fired a rocket towards southern Israel despite a tacit agreement to halt violence... Although the rocket attack, which caused no casualties, was claimed by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a small leftist militant group, Israel said Hamas was responsible...
Israel warns Hamas after Gaza rocket attack

* NETNews.com put out this midafternoon UPDATE... Now it's official: Despite Olmert's denials, defense official confirms agreement between Hamas, Israel worked out via Egyptian mediation; Israel to refrain from massive Gaza attacks in exchange for end to rocket fire...
Read the full report at link below..

Senior security official confirms lull agreement with Hamas

* IsraelNationalNews.com reports it this way...
MK Slams Tacit Ceasefire Agreement With Hamas

Gods speed to the Israeli people
in their battle for peace
in their homeland.
March 11, 2008

* Emergency Call, March 7, Jerusalem *
- This Video removed by me in respect to Google’s Ad Policies
About Video: (Warning-Graphic photos) A young frightened boy calls the Israeli emergency services after a Palestinian terrorist entered the religious school of Merkaz Harav and started shooting. 8 died, 11 more were wounded in shooting.
Video posted on YouTube by AtiyaRachel

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