Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama Condemns His Controversial Pastor’s ‘Incendiary Language,’ But Tries To Explain And Defend Their Continued Relationship

Barack Obama Condemns His Controversial Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.’s ‘Incendiary Language,’ But Tries To Explain And Defend Their Continued Relationship
, March 18, 2008

* FOXNews.com gets us started off with this take on Obama’s speech this morning in Philadelphia on race, politics and national unity. It starts off like this... Barack Obama roundly condemned the remarks of his controversial pastor on Tuesday but also took several steps to explain why the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.’s incendiary rhetoric is still valid... Going to great lengths and several times repeating his reason for his continued association to Wright and his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Obama said the pastor introduced him to his Christian faith and continues to perform God’s work on Earth...
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Obama Condemns Pastor’s ‘Incendiary Language’ But Explains and Defends Continued Relationship
* LATimes.com sees it this way... Sen. Barack Obama, hoping to silence the firestorm over race that has engulfed his presidential campaign since his pastor's anti-American sermons began circulating Friday, today called for America to "move beyond some of our old racial wounds" to unite around issues...
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Obama confronts nation's race issues
* NewsDay.com has this report on the speech...
Did Obama's Speech Help or Hurt?
My take on the Obama Speech is this:
Can’t wait till fall gets here!!!

I believe today’s speech by Obama satisfied many in the black community... most in the MSM... but I truly believe most Americans have now heard all of Obama’s rhetoric and have heard about all of the speeches by him that they could ever want. I believe the Obama Mania is now mostly over. We shall soon see.

Yet... I do personally believe that Senator Barack Obama will be the Democrats Presidential Nominee when it is all said and done. I also believe the Dems will tear their party apart over the next few months and I believe when the dust settles... my man Senator John McCain will be standing there before them... and with all of his wisdom and past experience... WIN!

Here’s His Speech ... In Person

Speech video posted on YouTube by BarackObamadotcom

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