Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watch the 2nd Spacewalk Tonight

Watch the 2nd Spacewalk Tonight
Saturday evening
, March 15, 2008

STS-123 Mission Specialists Rick Linnehan and Mike Foreman
should start mission’s 2nd Spacewalk this evening around 7:23pm CDT
About Photo: Canadarm2, the International Space Station's robot arm, moves the Canadian-built Dextre into place outside the station.
Photo credit: NASA
Dextre, the final element of the International Space Station’s Mobile Servicing System, will be put together today during the second spacewalk of STS-123. Mission Specialists Rick Linnehan and Mike Foreman are slated to begin their orbital stroll at 7:23pm CDT.

The two spacewalkers will assemble the stick-figure-shaped Dextre, also known as the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator (SPDM), a task that includes attaching its two arms.

Mission Specialist Robert Behnken will coordinate the spacewalk activities from inside the orbital complex while STS-123 Pilot Gregory H. Johnson and Expedition 16 Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman operate Canadarm2.

Designed for station maintenance and service, Dextre is capable of sensing forces and movement of objects it is manipulating. It can automatically compensate for those forces and movements to ensure an object is moved smoothly.

Throughout the day, the station and shuttle crew members will continue outfitting the Japanese Logistics Module - Pressurized Section (JLP). The JLP is the first pressurized component of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory and the newest component of the station.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008
10:00am CDT
* Crew Assembles Dextre During Second Spacewalk *
Dextre, the final element of the International Space Station’s Mobile Servicing System, was successfully put together, this early Sunday morning, during the second of five scheduled spacewalks of the STS-123 mission. Linnehan and Foreman completed their 7-hour, 8-minute orbital stroll early this morning at 1:57am CDT.

Next Spacewalk is scheduled for...
at 6:23pm CDT
Above info taken from the NASA website
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I’ll be posting on all the spacewalks over the next few days so check back!!!

GOD SPEED to the Crew of STS-123 Endeavour...

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