Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Space Shuttle Endeavour Landing

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Wednesday evening,
March 26, 2008

Image above: Space shuttle Endeavour's second landing opportunity at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., occurs on orbit 249.
Image Credit: NASA

1st Landing Attempt at 6:05pm CDT Delayed
Next Opportunity at 7:39pm CDT

Unstable weather in the Kennedy Space Center area forced flight controllers to pass on STS-123’s first landing opportunity.

The Spaceflight Meteorology Group continues to monitor weather conditions at and around the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Florida spaceport.

If flight controllers give STS-123 the go-ahead to land on the second opportunity, Orbit 249, Commander Dominic Gorie and Pilot Gregory H. Johnson will fire Endeavour’s thrusters at 6:33pm CDT to begin the descent to Florida for a landing at 7:39pm CDT.
UPDATE: 6:40pm CDT
Space Shuttle Endeavour Coming Home!!!
Space shuttle Endeavour has fired its engines, slowing it enough to drop out of orbit. Commander Dominic Gorie and Pilot Gregory H. Johnson are guiding the shuttle on its descent to Kennedy Space Center, Fla., where it is scheduled to land at 7:39pm CDT...
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UPDATE: 7:45pm CDT
Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands Safely
Welcome Home!


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