Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Ground Updates, Iraq - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Al-Kut ISWAT and U.S. Special Forces
Destroy Van, Kill Several Armed Suspects
, March 12, 2008

U.S. Special Forces, responding to a request for support from Iraqi Security Forces, destroyed a vehicle transporting weapons and explosives during operations March 11 in al-Kut.

The U.S. SF quick reaction force supporting al-Kut ISWAT was attacked in the city by suspected criminal militia fighters.

Al-Kut ISWAT was patrolling in the city when attacked by several enemy fighters armed with assault rifles and at least one RPK machine gun.

At least one ISWAT policeman was injured by the assault. The al-Kut ISWAT requested assistance from a nearby U.S. SF unit which responded with a ground quick-reaction force and called for support from Coalition forces aircraft.

While nearing the scene, U.S. SF unit was attacked by a large number of enemy fighters.

The U.S. SF returned fire, killing several enemy fighters and destroying two vehicles carrying machine-guns.

The suspects in the vehicles were also conducting ammunition and weapons resupply to enemy forces.

Near the scene of the initial attack, U.S. SF observed a van pulling up to several suspects. Some of these suspects were armed.

They were observed pulling a large number of weapons and explosives from the van.

They distributed them throughout the area and an adjacent house. Several suspects were observed placing objects believed to be improvised explosive devices at locations along the travel route for Iraqi and Coalition forces approaching the attack location.

U.S. SF employed a precision munition from a Coalition forces aircraft to destroy the van and prevent the further distribution of weapons and explosives.
Several secondary explosions were observed in the van, indicating that it contained explosives and possible IEDs. Several small secondary explosions were observed in the adjacent house where weapons and explosives had been placed before the airstrike.

Security concerns and the presence of suspected IEDs prevented Coalition forces from entering the area. Armed suspects were observed approaching the scene and evacuating some of the wounded. At least one armed suspect was observed changing clothes before leaving the scene.

From press release #20080311-04 by Multi-National Corps-Iraq - Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory

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