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Tornado Rips through Downtown Atlanta Friday Evening; Strikes Georgia Dome During Game; CNN Center Takes Hit

Tornado Rips Through Downtown Atlanta Friday Evening; Strikes Georgia Dome During Game; CNN Center Takes Hit
Post Date: 5:00am CDT - Saturday, March 15, 2007
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The Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts, just east of downtown Atlanta, collapsed in a "pancake fashion," Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran said early Saturday... The tornado that ripped through the heart of the city damaged the roof of the Georgia Dome during a college basketball game, shattered windows and ripped roofs from buildings before continuing into several residential neighborhoods... The building that houses CNN was at the epicenter of the storm -- sitting next to the dome and hotels where thousands of basketball fans attending the Southeastern Conference tournament were at least temporarily displaced...
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Rescuers search for Atlanta tornado victims
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Watch coverage of damage to CNN Center »
>>> has LOTS of Photos of the scope of the damage HERE
>>> has news and updates on the storm and the weekend weather forecast HERE
>>> Lots of up-to-date info- videos- photos- Live Video News Stream and more at
Tornado Strikes Georgia Dome Friday Evening during Alabama's SEC Tournament Quarterfinal against Mississippi State
About Video: Tornado-like winds ripped through downtown Atlanta shortly before 10 p.m., damaging the Georgia Dome where the SEC men's basketball tournament was underway, and leaving damage and broken glass all over the area... Police and fire officials in Atlanta, overwhelmed by calls, were unable to give information on how widespread the damage was. Reports of damaged homes and downed trees came in from Cabbagetown and Midtown as well.
Note: Turn up volume... You can definitely hear Tornado’s Roar in background!
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Severe Storm Hits Atlanta, Halts SEC Tournament

About this News Video: Georgia authorities are now reporting injuries from a severe storm that struck downtown Atlanta Friday night. It damaged skyscrapers, hotels and two major sports arenas that were filled with thousands of pro and college basketball fans.
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