Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Tuesday II - Primary/Caucus voting takes place in Texas, Ohio, Vermont & Rhode Island

Super Tuesday II
Primary/Caucus voting takes place in
Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island

, March 04, 2008
MyFoxPhilly.com gets us started with the following article. It goes in part like this... Barack Obama sought a knockout against rival Hillary Rodham Clinton as voting began Tuesday in crucial contests in Texas and Ohio, where the former first lady desperately needs a win to salvage her once-powerful candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination... Both expressed confidence in their chances...
Read this news article in full at link below...

Note: I’ll be updating this post throughout today/tonight so check back!
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It’s going to be a Long
-- FUN --
Day and Night
For all us Political Junkies out there

Here’s to ya my friends!!!

Knock it out of the park during your speech tonight, Senator McCain!
6:00pm CST
Obama - McCain
Both Projected Winners
of Vermont
McCain Projected Winner
of Ohio Primary

Both Projected Winners
of Rhode Island Primary
8:00pm CST
McCain Projected Winner
of Texas Primary
* Fox News is Now Projecting *
Senator John McCain
Winner of GOP Nomination!.
* Mike Huckabee *
> Has Now Officially Drop Out of Race <

Congratulations go out to Senator McCain!
8:55pm CST
Clinton is now being Projected as Winner
of Ohio Primary
12:05am CST
Clinton is now Projected as Winner
of the Texas Primary
Update on the Texas Caucuses
With bigger-than-expected numbers of people showing up for the Texas Caucuses tonight... the Texas Democratic Party went ahead and stopped the counting process early Wednesday morning when it became clear it was going to take several more hours to complete. They said they would restart the count later on in the morning, (Wednesday.)

Note: I’ll do a separate post on the Texas Caucus Winner when the counting is over and an official announcement is made.

But for now...
Congratulations on having a real good night, Hillary
What a save!
Even if it is, most likely, just a temporary one...

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