Sunday, October 14, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Vows To Push Ahead With Genocide Vote

The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, insisted today that she would bring to a vote a resolution condemning the mass killings of Armenians in Turkey nearly a century ago as genocide, even as a Turkish general warned that this could cause lasting damage to a military relationship crucial to American forces in Iraq...
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>>> reports it this way... Top US Democrats Sunday brushed off Turkish fury and vowed to press ahead with an Armenian "genocide" bill, insisting that bloodshed today demanded a righting of past wrongs...
Democrats press on with genocide bill despite Turkish fury

>>> has this report... Turkey's military chief has said US-Turkish ties will never be the same again if US lawmakers brand the Ottoman Empire's massacre of Armenians a genocide... General Yasar Buyukanit said the US is an important ally. But he said that an allied country does not behave in this way...
Military chief warns US over genocide vote
Nancy Pelosi and most all her fellow Dems in the House aren't out to find justice for the Armenians... they’re out to AGAIN stab our troops in the back.
What the heck is wrong with these people!!!?

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