Monday, October 15, 2007

Three terrorists killed, 20 detained during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq

Monday, October 15, 2007
Coalition forces killed three terrorists and detained 20 suspects during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq networks Saturday and Sunday in central and northern parts of the country.

Coalition forces killed three terrorists Saturday while conducting an operation to deny sanctuary to al-Qaeda in Iraq and foreign terrorists Southwest of Samarra. During the course of operations, Coalition forces observed an individual, who emerged from the target area, get into a nearby boat and meet up with another boat carrying several individuals. Coalition forces further observed the group beginning to transfer equipment and weapons. Perceiving hostile intent, supporting aircraft engaged, killing three terrorists. The ground force discovered a cache of weapons on site.

South of Samarra Sunday, Coalition forces captured an associate of an al-Qaeda in Iraq network believed to be responsible for trafficking funds to senior terrorist leaders. Reports indicate the individual has made numerous recent attempts to communicate with the terrorist leaders. In addition to the targeted individual, five suspected terrorists were detained during the operation.

Coalition forces also conducted an operation in Ramadi targeting associates of an al-Qaeda in Iraq network reportedly involved in foreign terrorist facilitation. Three suspects were detained on site without incident.

In other operations, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual and seven other suspected terrorists south of Tarmiyah. The targeted individual is reportedly a close associate of the leader of a terrorist network operating in the region. Intelligence reports led the ground force to the target area where the individual identified himself.

Farther north in Tikrit, Coalition forces detained three suspects while targeting an associate of a senior leader of an al-Qaeda network operating outside of Iraq who is attempting to reside in Mosul.

(From press release #A071015a by MNF-I, Press Desk, Baghdad, Iraq)

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